Our Team

We are a partnership of scientists, veterinarians and educationalists who are actively engaged in our professions both nationally and internationally.

 Our expertise and interests

  • Population ecology and biodiversity conservation (surveys and population dynamics, spatial modelling, anthropogenic disturbance and diseases)
  • Animal behaviour and welfare
  • Education: primary education, higher education and professional development
  • Veterinary medicine and animal care

Our Ethos

  • We believe that science and education have an important role to play in changing people’s attitudes and behaviour  towards the welfare of animals.
  • We value objectivity, transparency and openness.
  • We believe that all practical approaches should be open to scientific criticism and based on firm evidence, not led by tradition, intuition or personal opinion.
  • Approaches that have not been proven safe and effective may not only be a waste of time and money, but may also harm  animals and their owners.