Our Mission and Aims

In modern Russia, applying objective scientific knowledge on animal welfare should be a top priority in the development of standards for animal handling and treatment in veterinary practice; animal research; the management of strays; professional breeding; pet care; welfare assessment and inspection and the development of appropriate legislation.

Our Mission

To ensure the application of best practice management and care of dogs in Russia through research, education and training

Our Aims

  • Develop and implement dog welfare education and training programs
  • Popularize science-based approach to dog care in Russia
  • Conduct high quality research on dog population management and welfare
  • Improve animal and human health and welfare by promoting humane, sustainable and effective dog population control
  • Collaborate with scientists, veterinarians and other stakeholders from Russia and worldwide
  • Support and advise Russian stakeholders to make decisions based on research-based evidence
  • Promote the development of applied animal welfare science in Russia